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xcodeex88's Journal

28 August
21. Single. College student/Writer. If you have any questions just ask.
30 seconds to mars, allison mack, alternative, alternative rock, architecture, art, basketball, bethany joy galeotti, blue oyster cult, books, boris karloff, braveheart, breaking benjamin, camping, charlie chaplin movies, chevelle, classic horror, classic rock, coldplay, cooking, coupling, crisis core, dante, daughtry, david cook, days of our lives, djimon hounsou, drawing, dune, engine sentai go-onger, evanescence, family guy, film, final fantasy, final fantasy 8, final fantasy viii, final fantasy xii, food, frankenstein, friends, gaming, girugamesh, gladiator, gogo sentai boukenger, goo goo dolls, harry potter, hippos, history, horror, ian somerhalder, internet, j.r.r. tolkien, james caan, james marsters, japanese, john steinbeck, kaiser chiefs, keane, kris allen, kristen bell, kristin kreuk, leonardo dicaprio, linkin park, listening to music, lord of the rings, lost, lucas scott, matchbox 20, michael johns, movies, muse, music, nathan scott, national treasure, nickelback, ocean, old movies, oldies, one tree hill, our lady peace, painting, peter cushing, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, playstation, poetry, power rangers, prison break, reading, rock, romance, samurai sentai shinkenger, sarah michelle gellar, sci-fi, sci-fi movies, science fiction novels, smallville, snow patrol, star wars, sunshine, super sentai, supernatural, swimming, tcm, the departed, the divine comedy, the great gatsby, the hobbit, the illusionist, the inferno, the o.c., the pearl, the scarlet letter, the shining, theatre, titanic, tom welling, tomb raider, travel, travis, turner classic movies, tv, universal horror, v for vendetta, writing, yunjin kim